Sunday, June 18, 2017

TenFourFox FPR1 available

TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 1 is available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). There are no major changes from the beta except for a couple minor efficiency updates and a font blacklist update, and all remaining applicable security issues have been backported as well.

Chris T reported that old issue 72 (a/k/a bug 641597) has resurfaced in FPR1. Most likely this bug was never actually fixed, just wallpapered over by something or other, and the efficiency improvements in FPR1 have made it easier to trigger again. That said, it has only ever manifested on certain 10.5 systems; it has never been reproduced on 10.4 by anyone, and I can't reproduce it myself on my own 10.5 DLSD PowerBook G4. For that reason I'm proceeding with the release as intended but if your system is affected, please post your steps to replicate and we'll compare them with Chris' (especially if you have a 10.4 system, since that will be much easier for me to personally debug). Please also note any haxies or system extensions as the issue can be replicated on a clean profile, meaning addons or weird settings don't appear to be a factor. If we find a fix and enough people are bitten, it should be possible to spin a point release.

The plan is for a Tuesday/Wednesday release ahead of schedule, so advise if there are any new showstoppers.


  1. Cameron, do you expect the internal vs. outward difference in version naming to cause any confusion among users? I asked MacUpdate to bump up their entry to FPR1, but they insist on using the app metadata version number, so the updated entry reads "TenFourFox 45.10.0." I was able to convince them to add an aka note in their What's New field, but they'll call it version 45.10.0 officially.

  2. Perhaps TenFourFox should have version numbers matching Firefox ESR. TenFourFox was/is not an official Mozilla release and so it can have any versioning Cameron wants. For comparison's sake it would be nice to know which ESR sort of matches which FPR. So it would be helpful if the major rev matched. Another concern: Certain websites, namely my bank, tend to ban older browsers. If we can run in ESR's versioning shadow, FPR is less likely to be shunned.

  3. Just a quick "Thank you very much for all your efforts!". Can't say how thankful I am for all the hours that you invest into keeping TFF updated. You're amazing!

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